Booking Conditions

Cottageholidays Booking Terms and Conditions

Cottageholidays complies with the following conditions when providing accommodation. The terms become binding on both parties when the customer has made the advance payment mentioned in the terms of the contract. The terms are valid in the EU area, separate terms for foreign trade (Terms of reservation). With regard to other tourism products, the conditions are followed as applicable. The terms are valid for the time being, the rights to changes are reserved.

Preliminary reservation, reservation and payment

The person booking the accommodation must be of legal age. Cottageholidays can accept preliminary reservations at its discretion. The preliminary reservation will be canceled if the customer does not confirm it on the agreed date. The reservation is confirmed when the customer has paid the advance payment (30% of the accommodation price of the holiday apartment or other agreed amount) by the due date mentioned in the confirmation. The due date for the final payment is no later than 45 days before the start of the holiday (*NOTE!). If there are less than 45 days from the time of making the reservation to the start date of the reserved period, only one invoice will be sent, which includes both the advance invoice and the final payment. If the customer does not pay by the due date, Cottageholidays can unilaterally cancel the reservation and return the object to sale. If the customer does not cancel his reservation and the property remains unsold due to an unpaid reservation (which has not been canceled in writing), the entire price of the reservation will be charged to the customer who failed to come. Information about the holiday apartment is sent to the customer with the invoice. Cottageholidays has the right to impose a security deposit before the rental begins. The amount of the security deposit is 300 – 2000 eur/item, depending on the destination. The security deposit must be paid in cash to Cottageholidays or, upon agreement, the payment can be made to the Cottageholidays bank account. The security deposit will be returned to the customer at the end of the rental of the holiday apartment, either in cash or to the bank account indicated by the customer, if the inspection has determined that no damage has been caused to the holiday apartment or the furniture of the holiday apartment and the ordered cleaning does not cause additional cleaning costs for Cottageholidays (excretions, vomit, etc. extra cleaning) (* except for New Year’s reservations 90 the day before the start of the reservation.)

Cancellations and changes in reservations

Cancellation must always be made in writing to Cottageholidays. The cancellation is considered to have taken place the moment Cottageholidays is notified of the cancellation. When canceling a reservation, the 30% advance payment and €20 delivery fee paid by then will always be withheld and the remaining amount will be returned to the account indicated by the customer. If the reservation is canceled later than 45 days before the start of the reservation period, the entire price of the reservation will be charged. However, the 30% advance payment and the delivery fee will not be refunded. If the customer changes the holiday apartment or the time of the holiday, or cancels part of the holiday apartments he has booked, it is considered a cancellation of the previous reservation and a new reservation. If the reservation of travel services is changed at the customer’s request more than once, a fee of €50 will be charged for the second and subsequent changes. A delivery fee of €20 is added to all invoices.

Cottageholidays’ right to cancel a booking

Cottageholidays may, without notice, cancel an unpaid reservation on the due date. If there is a force majeure, the owner of the resort can cancel the reservation of the payment slip. In this case, the customer has the right to get back the accommodation price he paid to Cottageholidays. In the case of force majeure, Cottageholidays can, as far as possible, offer an alternative to canceling the reservation, changing the reservation to another destination.

Delivery, use and return of keys

The holiday destination is available to the customer from the day of arrival at 16:00 until the day of departure at 12:00, unless otherwise stated in the information of the destination. The customer has 1-2 keys at the holiday destination, which are left on the holiday destination’s table and the destination’s doors are locked, unless otherwise agreed, and unless there are other instructions at the destination. The person booking the property is responsible for the keys during the booking period. The actual cost of changing the lock will be charged for the lost key.

Staying at a resort

The accommodation price of the holiday apartments includes free access. The price also includes the equipment mentioned in the booking documents. Customers are required to wear bed linen. Linens are available for a different fee if necessary. The resident takes care of the cleaning of the holiday apartments during the holiday and the departure cleaning. We expect the customer to take care of the following things: taking out the trash, vacuuming the floors, cleaning the dishes (and emptying the dishwasher), removing stains and dirt, putting things away and making the beds. The customer can also pre-order final cleaning for the vacation home for a separate fee. Even if final cleaning has been ordered or is included in the price of some properties, it is required that the property is in the condition of normal living, i.e. furniture and other equipment in place and intact, trash removed and possible secretions etc. removed. If, at the end of the reservation, the cleanliness of the holiday apartment does not correspond to the above and the caretaker has to take care of it before the arrival of the next customer, the time spent cleaning will be charged afterwards (€ 75 eur/hour). If the customer damages the movable property or real estate of the holiday destination during the rental period, Cottageholidays has the right to withhold the security deposit (300-2000 eur) as a whole, and if the paid deposit is not sufficient to compensate the expenses incurred for the movable property or property or the grounds of the holiday destination. Cottageholidays has the right to invoice the renter of the holiday home for all expenses.

Making fire inside and outside

It is absolutely forbidden to make an open fire anywhere other than in the places reserved for it. The customer must take care of the use and monitoring of stoves, fireplaces and grills, and also take care of their aftercare properly. The sauna heater should not be continuously heated so that the internal temperature in the sauna rises above 100 degrees. Grills may only use firewood or coal intended for them, as well as combustible lighters and liquids approved for them, and care must be taken to handle them properly before, during and after use. Damages caused by these, as well as other expenses caused by improper use, are fully the responsibility of the renter.

Damages, defects and complaints

All comments related to the equipment and condition of the vacation destination should be addressed immediately to the caretaker of the vacation home, so that they can be repaired or compensated if possible. If the inconvenience cannot be immediately compensated, an immediate written complaint must be made to Cottageholidays. Complaints made afterwards will not be taken into account. Similarly, the customer is obliged to immediately notify and compensate for any damage caused to the holiday destination and its movable property. Unreported damages will be invoiced after the fact according to the actual costs: THE BOOKER IS FULLY RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE HOLIDAY APARTMENT AND THE HOLIDAY APARTMENT’S SURROUNDINGS (courtyard area) DURING HIS ACCOMMODATION BOOKING. Cottageholidays is not responsible for errors in advance information on holiday homes that have arisen after the booking date due to a sudden change in circumstances (e.g. blue-green algae, change in snow or ice conditions, construction work on neighboring plots, forestry work in the vicinity of the plot, etc.) or due to changes in equipment etc. made by the owner, which have not been Reported to Cottageholidays. Cottageholidays is also not responsible for possible damage caused by domestic or wild animals, molds, etc. in holiday apartments. If the customer and Cottageholidays cannot reach an agreement on the above matters, the customer can refer the dispute to the Consumer Complaints Board.

Number of people

The maximum number of persons allowed in the holiday apartment is the same as the number of beds and extra beds in the apartment. The number of people must be stated when making the reservation, and it must not be exceeded. Additional persons are charged an additional fee of € 100/person/day in cash. The renter is fully responsible, for example in the event of a fire, if the number of people has been exceeded.

Obligation to provide passenger information

According to the Accommodation Act, the traveler must fill out a passenger declaration before staying or immediately upon arrival at the destination at the latest. Penalties for neglecting the obligation to provide information and providing false personal information are stipulated in the Criminal Code.

Cancellation of reservation due to disruptive behavior.

If the customer/booker does not, despite the notification/comment given by the Cottageholidays representative, stop causing a disturbance or danger in the holiday home they have booked or in the surrounding area, Cottageholidays has the right to cancel the reservation immediately. The actual costs caused by all the above measures will be invoiced to the booker/customer. In this case, the accommodation fee for the interrupted accommodation time will not be returned to the booker/customer.

Smoking, pets, found goods

Smoking is only allowed outside the holiday homes in a designated area. A €1,000 ventilation fee will be charged for unauthorized smoking inside. Importing a pet to a holiday home is always subject to a permit and must always be reported to Cottageholidays and a fee of 20-200eur/booking is charged, depending on the pet. Pets brought in without permission will be charged an additional fee of €100/pet/day in cash. Cottageholidays is not responsible for allergy etc. problems for customers caused by unauthorized smoking or animal dust. Found goods (=value over 20 euros) are delivered to the local police, where you can inquire about them. Those found items that the police do not accept (=value less than 20 euros) will be disposed of during the cleaning. Rental equipment (boat, motor, etc.) Booking conditions The minimum age of the renter is 25 years and he must have the knowledge and skills required to transport the equipment. The rental period starts from the moment of handover and lasts until the lessee has returned the device to the lessor at the agreed place at the end of the specified rental period. Changes in the return time must be notified and agreed upon in sufficient time to the lessor

The rented device may not be taken outside the borders of Finland. In the event of a technical fault with the device, the lessor must be notified immediately The lessee is not allowed to rent the device on or in any other way hand it over to a third party for use without written permission from the lessor The lessee is obliged to pay the fines and fees caused by using the device during the rental period The lessee undertakes to compensate for the cleaning caused by unusual soiling of the device – and cleaning costs The device is insured with standard insurances. The renter’s deductible is €1,500. The device is handed over to the renter for use and the renter returns it at the end of the rental period with a full tank. Fuel or 2T oil is not included in the rental price. The lessee is obliged to compensate for any damage caused to the device or its equipment during the rental period. When renting a boat and/or motor, it must be taken into account that we respect other cottagers and their peace at the cottage, and beaching or moving around in a private area (distance from the beach/pier 100 meters) and operating a motor at night is not advisable, except for compelling reasons. The rights to change the reservation conditions are reserved.